Training and Leadership


Our goal is to create training programs that will equip and empower our staff members so that they are able to excel and to grow in their hospitality careers. It is our belief that well-trained staff members have greater job satisfaction, enjoy greater longevity in their positions, foster greater teamwork, create an environment that is more conducive to guest satisfaction and ultimately result in a more profitable bottom line. Well trained staff members provide our hotels with a competitive edge. We strive to recognize committed staff and to provide growth opportunities within our hotel group for employees that excel.


Ongoing training is provided by department leaders, Regional Marketing Directors and Regional Operations Directors. The Director of Training also provides one on one training and group training.

  • Host (General Manager) Training Program which includes onsite training for new Hosts with an experienced Host at a sister property
  • Director of Sales Training Program which includes onsite training for new Directors of Sales with an experienced DOS at a sister property and ongoing sales training provided through franchise opportunities and Regional Marketing Director Support
  • Front Office Manager/Assistant Host/Front Desk Supervisor Training Program
  • We Love Guests!® bi-annual hospitality training seminars
  • Comprehensive Housekeeping Training Program
  • Initial Front Desk Two Week Training Program which includes cross training in all other departments; ongoing reservations, sales and revenue management training
  • Breakfast Bar Attendant Training Program which includes monthly brainstorming sessions and guest survey accountability with property specific benchmarks set by the management company
  • Franchise online training modules and educational classes
  • Leadership development and management skill workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Training as needed tailored to specific hotel needs



Career enhancement certifications, department specific bonus programs, employee of the year recognition with financial benefits.